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Quality Matters

We pride ourselves on the quality and workmanship of our foutas.

We strongly  believe in sustaining and using all of our yarn, with as little as possible 

going to landfill. 

Pack 5 fouta towel in 1

Pack 5 fouta towel in same space as 1 terrycloth towel

The fouta takes approx. 6-8 mins to dry in dryer/ 15- mins on line (hello summer)

It is also known by many other names:

 Turkish towel 

The Peshmetal 


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We employ 100 wonderfully crafted local women that live around our craft shop in the old roman city of Leptis Minor-now it is called Lamta.  They are our master twisters, knotters and finishers. 

After all our textiles are woven, the yarn has to be twisted and knotted into hundreds of fringes that makes the fouta A FOUTA !  

We deliver the raw textiles to the  women and we receive back the super versatile and modern fouta !

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The traditional fouta/peshmetal throws are handwoven flat in the style of the hamman bath towels of Turkey

They are not only stylish and eco-friendly, but super absorbent, compact and lightweight. Fouta's are perfectly suited for everyday use as a wrap/shawl when traveling, a beach towel for its super absorbency( it does not retain sand), picnics, poolside or a beach pareo. 

For personal use, they are great as a bath towel in the home, at the gym, at yoga, or at the spa, and can be in your   home textiles such as chic and modern tablecloths, bed linen and throw covers. 

The uses for the fouta are endless.

The personal or family size throw is the perfect accompaniment for you and your family, making it one of the most versatile items you will have.

The fouta throw features 100% handwoven cotton, beautiful hand knotted fringe tassels, and is available in a generous range of colors and sizes. 

Throws becomes softer with repeated washing, increasing its absorbency, Made in Tunisia.

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